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Money2Go MasterCard® Affiliate Program

Money2Go MasterCard® is growing fast in the Netherlands and it’s attracting a vast number of clients.

The Card has been designed for a vast range of customers’ needs, it offers a safe, quick and easy payment solution and have multiple benefits:

- Control of spending: with Money2Go prepaid MasterCard® customers can only spend the money they have on the card, especially they can control their online spending on Apple's App Store, Google Play Store, iTunes Store, PlayStation Network & Xbox LIVE
- No credit check required and the card is not linked to any bank account
- Customers can shop anonymously: games, chatting, dating & adult content and everything they buy won’t appear on their bank account and their regular credit card statements
- Simple loading option via iDEAL, the most trustable online payment in the Netherlands.
- Safe payments: the card is perfect for travels, since it’s accepted worldwide at over 31 merchants and can be used to pay safely online thanks to its additional security MasterCard CVC code.
- Exclusive MasterCard® contactless technology that makes everyday purchases quickly and safely with just a tap of your contactless-enabled Money2Go MasterCard®.

Money2Go MasterCard® is more convenient and safer than cash and it’s easy to manage and control. Customers can apply for the card in few easy steps and receive the card directly at their registered address.
Powerful affiliates and partners have the opportunity to participate in the success of Money2Go MasterCard® by applying for our affiliate program and receive exclusive commissions.

The Money2Go MasterCard® is particularly suitable for the following target groups:
- People who wants to be in control of their spending, especially online
- People who wants an anonymous online payments, not linked to any bank account
- People with bad credit history and problems to open an account in other banks
- People who require highest standards of payment security
- People who look for easy and secure solutions to travel

How does it work?

Earning money with our affiliate program is simple and easy:

1) You place our Money2Go MasterCard® marketing materials on your website / blog
2) A consumer clicks on the ad and complete the registration form buying the Money2Go MasterCard®.
3) You receive the agreed commission

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