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Money2Go MasterCard® – Your new shopping style

Money2Go MasterCard® is the day-to-day prepaid card designed for all your needs! 

You can use it to shop safely at your favourite places online and in store, to pay your bills, to pay for your travel expenses when you are abroad and even more!
However you want to spend your money, the Money2Go MasterCard® is an easy way to pay.

  • No credit check
  • More convenient and safer than cash
  • Easy to manage and control
  • The perfect solution to travel
  • Simple to load

With your Money2Go MasterCard® you will not get into debt and you are in control. You can set your spending limit and use only the money available on your card. Moreover you can easily track your spending on the Money2Go website, also accessible on smartphones.

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Are you looking for a safe, quick and easy payment solution?

Money2Go is your answer! To get your card, all you need to do is buy it online in few easy steps and we’ll deliver it to your address at no extra cost!

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A prepaid card, your wise and safe choice

The Money2Go MasterCard® is a prepaid card.

This means that prior to any use it must be loaded with money. It then offers you a huge variety of shopping possibilities. You load it easily with iDEAL and start shopping right away - in the stores as well as on the Internet. The card is, of course, accepted by the more than 36 million MasterCard® merchants all over the world.

The Money2Go MasterCard® offers the convenience of a credit or debit card, but allows you to set your spending limit according to your budget. The card is available to everyone, regardless of credit rating, income, or whether or not you hold a bank account and represents a great and safer alternative to cash.

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